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About Us

Our company, Mundoweekend, could be described as a Swiss army knife, we offer a wide range of services, which are all compatible with each other and none of them interfere with all the other tools, and probably all of them still being wonderful, but being all of them of very useful nature, and all together they create that Swiss army knife that describes our company.
Our modern team is formed in its majority by a young staff with “up to date “ knowledge, with great creative potential, and of course very motivated to do what we like, our job.

Our purpose is to offer all our clients the possibility to find all the services they need to successfully organize any party or social act in the same company, so that they don’t need to hire this services from different providers, what could lead in to a stressful situation. That’s why we offer a wide range of technical and human means, and of course the creativity and imagination that are necessary to achieve amazing results together, and that will definitively give your event distinguished touch, but if you already have a clear idea of what you want, we can simply offer you all the necessary means.

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Our company has become very strong in its sector through working hard on a daily basis and we are known for working with many well-known organizations such as: Viajes El Corte Inglés, Lilly Laboratories, Liberty Insurances, Nestlé, WorldPetroleumCongress, Carlsonwagonlit, ISOCO, Multigestión Ibérica, CEU University, Jubiló Group, Footlocker and many more. Alsowithmanyrenownclubs, likeforexampleBangaloo, Serrano 41, Garamond, New Garamond, Egö, La Nueva Fontana, Pacha, Sala Heineken, La Riviera, Coppola, Keeper, Moma, Bisú, Gabana, Marmara, Shoko, Kapital, FSM Group, Liberata, Avenida 55, and manyand manymore….

So that’s who we are, and highly appreciate the trust of all the people that work or have worked with us, and we encourage all of those who would like to, to become part of our company, and together we will become even greater.

About us Mundoweekend

Mundoweekend organizes any party or social act for our customers, such as bachelor parties, birthday party, free entrance in discos, modeds, hostesses, strippers, boys, gogos, dj´s



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