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At Mundoweekend we have the greatest selection of strippers and topless waitress in Spain, with more than 150 strippers throughout the whole country, whereas when we began we only had a dozen of them on stripers Madrid and boys Madrid.
We have realized throughout the years that it is becoming a hit to hire strippers, not only for bachelor or bachelorette parties, but also as a birthday gift, especially for those who just turned legal aged, and it might sound silly, but a lot of times our strippers and topless girls are also hired as an anniversary gift where one of the individuals of the couple wants to surprise their partner with some excitement.

Hire our strippers for only 180€ if no travelling is needed, in case the stripper has to, contact as and we will quote a rate free of commitment. Topless waitress for parties also available.

Striptease types

The shows held by our strippers can be complete, this means that the stripper is completely naked when finalizing the show, or it can be what we call an “American striptease”, the show will be absolutely the same as the previously mentioned, but the stripper will not take off all their underwear and finalize the show with still a string on, this is an ideal option if you’re going for a lighter version.

Perfect as a gift for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, anniversary gift or as a show for your club.

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Length of a striptease

The average length of a show is 15 to 20 minutes, after this, you are absolutely invited to take a few pictures with the stripper to have another memory of that amazing night you will have. This length is standard, this means that it has been proved that if it is less it will be too short for clients,  but if it is longer than this it can be a little bit boring having to wait that much time to have the stripper have all his clothes taken off. With which I guarantee that that is just the right length, and it is the same all over the world.


What does a striptease show consist of?

A striptease show, consists basically of a stripper that is dressed up according to a theme ( for example: police officer, nurse, gangster, schoolboy/schoolgirl  ), he/she will sit the host of the party in front of the rest of the guests, but if wished so, up to another 2 persons can be seated on this “privileged chairs “. Otherwise if more than 3 persons are seated, the show won’t be that much worth it due to the constant change.  Once the host or hosts are seated the strippers will make a magnificent combination of a dance, eroticism, and why not, a little bit of humor, since the main goal of this type of performances is not only to be delighted enjoying this perfect and sensual bodies, but also to cheer up things with some laughter, shouting and fun to start or continue the journey with some adrenaline and feeling like partying.

Our strippers offer shows both for straight persons as for gays or lesbians.

Where can I hire a Stripper and topless waitress?

You can hire a stripper to be home delivered, at a restaurant where you have made a reservation, or whatever you wish to, you only need to keep in mind that a CD player must be available for the stripper to play his music, this might be the standard format he will be carrying his music on, or he/she can sometimes have his music on a pen drive. If for any reason you can’t take your own CD player, please let us know so we can make the stripper brings one.
Last but not least, even if it is not that common, we also can offer heavier shows, like for example lesbian shows or even porn shows, but this usually offered for performances at clubs instead of for private parties.

Strippers related information

Bachelorette party

Planning of bachelor or bachelorette parties

If you want to we can also arrange everything for your bachelor/bachelorette party, including limousine, dinner and a club.
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Strippers & topless waitress in Ibiza Barcelona Madrid Valencia

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