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At the hostess agency Mundoweekend we have a wide range of hostesses, formed by more than 1000 of any type and distributed along the whole national territory, but our head office is in Madrid. Our hostesses are available in many languages, so we could cover any social act your company may need, as for us hostesses represent the best ambassadors for an event.
We know how important this service is, to give your event a good organization and image, so we take good care of all the aspects that make our employees develop an excellent service: their training, their clothing, their behavior, compliance of the schedule, and of course, the willingness to work, which will be supervised and coordinated by us. In any way, we will study in depth the definition and comprehension of the marketing objectives established previous to the campaign and we will make tests and rehearsals on the day before if necessary to make sure we will have a successful realization.
Ultimately, a wide range of hostesses of all races and requirements in order to cover any social commitments, congresses, fairs, accompaniments, dinners, parties,  and they are al necessary to give your party or event notoriety and glamour.
Last, we would like to inform you that even if our agency already has both daytime and nighttime uniforms as nighttime galas,  we will adapt ourselves to the requirements of your company and we will make the most proper outfit for each event and with the colors and logo of your company if necessary.
See pictures of our hostesses

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We offer the following type of hostesses:

Image hostesses

Image hostesses are perfect for events where good taste and beauty are present overall your event. The results you can achieve fantastic when hiring male or female hosts, not only due to their professionalism when it comes to work, but also for their height and beauty which will be pleasant for all the assistants, as all our crew is formed by models, which is ideal for representing your product or company.

Promoting hostesses

Promoting hostesses are in charge of distributing advertising for the clients, as it might be for a tasting, leaflet distribution, flyers, etc.. Their mission is to catch the attention of the assistants for the product or brand that is being promoted, boosting the sales of this product by informing about the features that make the product or brand unique, and also the benefits.

Promoters can make daily reports, to include information as for example; number of tasted samples, clients profiles, clients reaction, incidence schedule, so that our clients can have a correct follow up of their promotion.

Information hostesses

The hostesses that offer information will have to know all details of the company and give information at the required spots to clients and visitors.

Protocol hostesses

Protocol hostesses are in charge of the correct reception of authorities, in a lot of case they can be very helpful as a link between press and authorities, and it is very helpful as well for protocol chiefs.

Public relation hostesses

Public relation hostesses are highly recommended for social and cultural acts, as they are in charge of the presentation and reception of the guests.

Congress hostesses

Congress hostesses will be in charge of taking care of the assistants, giving information of the product, controlling the stand, image and catching new clients. It is a mix between public relations and promotion hostess.

Congress hostesses are very useful for secretary functions, delivery and pick up of documents, handling audiovisual media, pick up of invitations, giving attention to the assistants, controlling areas…



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