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Outdoors activities
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Outdoor activities

At Mundoweekend we put a lot of outdoor activities at your disposal in case you are looking for some leisure being close to nature, often in a natural or semi-natural environment of the city. Some examples are adventure races, hiking, cycling, camping, canoeing, canyoning, speleology, fishing, horse riding, hunting, kayak, mountaineering, photography, adventure parks, backpacking, climbing, running, sailing, ski, surf, water sports, direction, escape embarkation, paintball, karting, quad rides, etc.
The real purpose of doing outdoor activities is to obtain the benefits of doing sports or exercise, while enjoying the pleasures of nature.
Outdoor activities are usually meant for sporters, but they can be mental, emotional and spiritually fulfilling as well. These type of outdoor activities can satisfy some health physical needs, of self-sufficiency, risk assumption, creating social ties ( when team work is required ) and other achievement needs ( as practice, skills improvement, resistance tests and the search for adventure or excitement ). Outdoors can be an environment where people “show what they´ve got”.
We have a cooperation contract with the best outdoor activities companies and centers of Spain, which allows us to offer you any activity you want, at the same rate they do, and how do we achieve this?, … the suppliers prefer to gain a little less with our clients, as they have to offer us a commission on top of the rate usual rate, and in exchange we send them our groups frequently, in this way you guarantee yourself the best rate possible.

Outdoor activities are perfect for groups that wish to get out of the city and do some sport near nature.

All the leisure centers rely on very qualified staff to lead all activities, supervise them and make sure that the security rules are being followed all the time.
The focus of the outdoor activities can be mainly educational, especially if you are working with determined groups, as for example school groups or persons with special needs, but it is getting more and more usual to promote outdoor activities for business groups, friend’s get together to celebrate something, or why not, just to do them on relaxing or adventure trips, both for adults and children.
The staff in charge of these activities will be in charge of the following:

  • Supervision and training of the participants before each activities;
  • Guarantee that all the equipment and installations are secure and that the clients are instructed properly on the security procedures ( and of course follow these );
  • Briefing and debriefing with the clients before and after the activities;
  • Hand out complimentary documents ( for a few outdoor activities ) as for example, the nature, geography, history of the zone;
  • Be there for any questions, problems or claims of the guests in case there are any.



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