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Party and event organisation
Rate quote for events


At the event organization Mundoweekend we are at your service to to organize parties and events with complete service that includes counseling, design, production and post-evaluation of your event, thanks to our professional crew, which, according to the client´s preferences, will handle the selection and paperwork with the best providers.

A group of professionals will monitor the event and make sure that everything is running perfectly, before and after the celebration.
And we also offer a spectrum of services for VIP tourist.

We know creativity is the most important thing when organizing a big event, and innovation is the best tool we count on to stand out at each event, so that satisfaction of our clients goes further than what they expected at the beginning.

We go for a continued relation of company-agency, as this is a very important element to offer quality and at the same time it helps us to understand the problems and culture of the clients better, as well as to manage the activities in a more strategic way. It also gives more confidence to work with a agency you already worked with previously, instead of the uncertainty of working with a new agency even if this might be the case with us. In this case we have to say that innovation has his benefits, but so does loyalty.

We will make you a rate quote without any commitment and we will counsel you if you want to in what kind of space the celebration will be the most suitable.

Clients or companies always go for the best deal, that´s normal, he/she doesn´t always know what he wants, but there are a lot of offers to choose from. He/she is demanding and will change mind with the smallest mistake. He/she considers him- herself unique and wants to be treated in a different way than the rest of people. At our event organizing company we consider all of these premises, that´s why, if your company  is thinking about choosing us as coordinating company for this type of events, even if it´s a hard decision working for the first time with a company you haven´t worked with before, therefore we want to let you know that that´s we why we will put even more effort and dedication so you will never have any doubts about if you took the right decision or not.
Quality has to be demanded as something of first importance even more important than the price, the price loses all his value being played down by the associated levels of quality.

Subsequently, if the applicant wants to, we will issue a report with a final valuation of the event according to our point of view, and the applicant can also do the same if he wants to.

We have many big multipurpose areas, clubs, ranches, villas, hotels, restaurants, tents, etc..

If the option you are looking for is not on the list of areas or clubs we work with, let us know and we will try to achieve it without any commitment.


Shows for events and parties


We have a wide range of shows and animations for your event.



Trust in MundoWeekend to create a suitable ambiance for your event, with correct lightning.
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We take care of people who know the value of time and require a high quality of life. We offer services around all Spain with regard to different aspects of life, ensuring confidentiality and protection of our clients' interest.



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