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Mundoweekend offers you a great crew of professional photographers to work at any party or event: photographers for weddings, baptisms, communions, sport events, graduation parties, clubs, et., and of course professional photography for magazines and commercial catalogues or service organizations, and besides also photography for individuals and models, to create or optimize their book of professional pictures.
In addition, all our workers and those who want to work with us will have the chance to make a book, video book or even update the pictures they already have, these pictures, will be uploaded to our website as soon as they are ready so that our clients can see them. In those books we will make over hundreds of pictures on each session, after that you can choose the ones you like the most and we will do a great touch up and graphic design job so they will be absolutely perfect.

For our agency it is very important that our workers have quality pictures for us to load on our website and show them every time it´s necessary. By being included on the website, your possibilities of being chosen will increase, because in this way the client can choose the workers that suit their taste and needs in an interactive way.
Apart from work, who wouldn´t like to have a book as a memory of their best years or of their children when they where young?

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We offer you 3 types of photo shoots, click on the options below to open the description and the prices.
The options available are the following

Photo shoot 1

INCLUDES: 4 different sessions ( studio and outdoors ), 4 makeup, hairdressing and style changes, 10 touched up pictures, CD with the whole photo shoot ( over 300 pictures ) in a digital format. 500€ (taxes excluded).

Photo shoot 2

INCLUDES: 4 different sessions ( studio and outdoors ), 3 makeup and hairdressing changes and 4 style changes, 8 touched up pictures, CD with the whole photo shoot ( over 300 pictures ) in a digital format. 300€ (taxes excluded).

Photo shoot 3

INCLUDES: 1 session ( studio ), 1 makeup and hairdressing and stylist advice, contact sheet on photo paper, 5 first pictures chosen ( graphic design included ), in a digital format. 140€ (taxes excluded).



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