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Shows & animation


At the show agency Mundoweekend we have a wide range of different types of shows and animation for parties and events. After many years of working in this sector we can see say that we have most of the big artists both national and internationally, and if there is any we don´t have, we will get him/her.

Our artists and entertainment are well-known at many clubs in Spain, we stand out by putting into operation an amazing service, according to the available budget of our clients, sometimes by even preparing the weekly show programs of many clubs in Madrid.

Bollywood Bollywood Bailarina danza oriental Acróbatas Percusión con objetos reciclados Cantantes House Strippers bailarinas Drag Queens falleras Magos Mariachis Coctelero acrobático Espectáculo brasileño Trompetista house Magia de cerca Performance Dúo acrobático Actores infiltrados Personajes para niños Bob Esponja Encantador de serpientes Bola Zorb Danza Africana Brasileños Capoira Baile de Xangó brasileño Bailarinas danza oriental Break Dance Break Dance Danza aérea Grupos flamenco Bailaora flamenco Bodypainting Body painting Grupo imitador Bee Gees Bola Zorb Cariocas y malabares con fuego Telas aéreas Coctelero acrobático Doble de Cristiano Ronaldo Drag Queens Drag Queen Drag Queens Drag Queen Performance discotecas Enanos Espuma con dibujos Faquir Espectáculos con fuego Futbolín humano Fiesta Halloween Animación para Halloween Imitadora Lady Gaga Imitadord Michael Jackson Hinchables para niños Futbolín humano Play Station 2 para niños PS2 Toro mecánico infantil Buffet gominolas para niños Pinta caras para niños Buffet gominolas para niños Espectáculos con láser Pantallas dinámicas sobre el suelo Malabres Malabares de contacto Contact juggling Globos mágicos voladores Digeridoo Digeridoo Percusión Batucadas populares Saxofonista house Violín láser en base house Trapecistas para discotecas Performance white party Performance espejo Performance con fuego Dibujos infantiles Ruleta erótica Simuladores de F1 Simuladores de F1 Tartas gigantes sorpresa Fuente de chocolate Fuente de chocolate Papirofléxia discomovil Discotecas móviles
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Animation for clubs

  • Gogo dancers
  • Topless gogo dancers
  • Midget gogo dancers
  • Drag queens
  • Celebrities
  • The best DJ´s
  • Musicians and vocalists on a house base
  • Performance and quick-change artist
  • Erotic roulette
  • Fly cocktail barmen
  • Foam party
  • Aerial fabrics
  • Performance of CirKaos
  • Different shows for different parties
  • Disco-mobile or stage on a truck
  • Bubble dancers

Dance shows

  • Bollywood (recommended)
  • Belly dancers, oriental dancers (recommended)
  • Fame dancers
  • ”Batucada” (recommended)
  • Capoeira, leading lady
  • African dances (recommended)
  • Flamenco, ballet, opera and operetta
  • Tango with electronic notes
  • Break dance (recommended)

Magic and humor

  • Close magic
  • Far magic
  • Comedian magicians
  • Monologist
  • Joke tellers


  • Michael Jackson impersonator (recommended)
  • Elvis Presley impersonator (recommended)
  • Lady Gaga impersonator

Musical shows and singers

  • Violinists performing on a house base (recommended)
  • Percussionist performing on a house base (recommended)
  • Electric guitar performing on a house base (recommended)
  • Trumpet player performing on a house base
  • Didgeridoo performing on a house base
  • Sax performing on a house base
  • Vocalists on a house base (recommended)
  • Jazz & soul singers
  • Funky singers
  • Hip hop group
  • Country group (recommended)
  • Bossa Nova and Brazilian
  • Mariachi
  • Versions of groups and singers
  •  “operación triunfo” singers
  • Singer and pianist
  • Singer-songwriter
  •  A capella groups
  • The Beatles impersonator group
  • Indian music and dance group
  • Cabaret group
  • Bee Gees impersonator group (recommended)
  • Colombian group
  • Bolero group
  • 60´s and 70´s group (recommended)
  • Pop group
  • Latin and Cuban groups
  • Black music R & B
  • Flute
  • Student music group
  • ”Sevillanas” group (recommended)
  • Latin house group
  • Gospel group
  • Opera singers

Entertainment for kids

  • Long-legged
  • Unicycle
  • Clowns
  • Mimes
  • Jugglers
  • Puppet shows and theaters
  • Little trains
  • Bull running for kids
  • Wii sports
  • Aquagames (recommended)
  • Rides
  • Mechanical surf tables
  • Bouncy castle, cars, table football
  • Circuses
  • Sesame Street
  • Giant soap-bubbles
  • Bouncers II
  • Mini football (recommended)

Visual shows

  • Fluor Show
  •  Limousine performances
  • Predator ledy
  • Combination multimedia
  • Visual shows
  • Light shows
  • 2D and 3D laser men
  • 3D mapping
  • Hypnotica

Passacaglia and Christmas

  • Shows and passacaglia
  • Passacaglia for the three kings or carnival
  • Letter to the three kings
  • Living nativity scene


  • Sand art
  • Fakir
  • Hosts
  • Body painting
  • Fortune tellers, tarot
  • Interactive photographers (pictures will be display immediately on screens)
  • Karaoke
  • Temporary tattoo artists
  • Wild animals ( tigers, eagles, snakes, etc.) (recommended)
  • Ideas for events
  • Body-dancing
  • O2 clouds (perfect for massive parties
  • Masseurs for events
  • Mobile Casino
  • Circus
  • Robots for parties and events
  • Cirque du soleil
  • Flag man and acrobats
  • Erotic roulette
  • Acrobatic driver
  • Acrobats (recommended)
  • Cartoonist
  • Porn
  • Sadomasochism
  • Chocolate fountains (recommended)
  • Globoflexia
  • Origami
  • Mentalist (recommended)
  •  Soundtrack game
  • Human computer (recommended)
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