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At Mundoweekend we have more than 7.000 workers across Spain to work at any event or party you want to organize, as well as to work for discos or local bars of many different cities, so you can count on qualified staff, with a good appearance and experience for the different services you may require. Our way of working on the employee selection we do constantly, according to patterns our clients request, to find the workers that fit in the profile and then to offer them to your clubs or discos. As logical, if one of the works doesn´t develop 100% of what your company expected, the next working day, someone else will be sent in order to develop his duties as perfect as possible.

Try our personnel out, if any of them doesn´t really convince you, the next day he/she will be replaced until you have the desired staff.

For festivals or openings of big discos, the choice of these workers can be done with a previous casting, but this option will only be available for large lounges or for events we will be starting to work with, as for small events, Mundoweekend will not mobilize a large amount of personnel for a casting for that few places, in that case you will have to trust us and our correct choice for the work, as we have many years of experience in this sector and giving a very good service to discos as for example Cocó, Keeper Madrid, Du:om, Serrano 41, Bangaloo, Pachá Madrid, New Garamond, Garamond, Vanila, Karak and a large etc. of discos. Finally we would like to inform you that the most of our personnel has worked through us or privately at the best discos of Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia, Alicante, etc., demonstrating their level of dedication and professionalism in their job. We suggest you to try any of them in your club  for a weekend so you can see it yourself.

  • Gogo dancers
  • Image personnel
  • DJ´s
  • Hostesses
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